Your Options

It’s your choice. Choose to know.

Our promise is simple…New Hope is a safe place. We offer an in-depth look at each of your options, providing you with medically accurate education so you may step into the decision-making process without feeling trapped or fearful but truly educated and empowered.


Parenting can seem overwhelming even to those who have planned their pregnancies. Many women and men do not feel ready or capable of parenting, when really, they would make wonderful parents to their children. Maybe the thought of becoming a parent seems impossible to you at this time.

We will sit down with you and talk about your concerns so you can decide if parenting is right for you.


Adoption, like any of the options, is a very difficult decision to make. However, it does allow for something truly beautiful and selfless to come from a difficult situation. You have lots of choices with adoption, and you are in the driver’s seat when making an adoption plan. 

We can help you understand your options with adoption.


If you’re thinking about an abortion, it is important to remember that an abortion is a medical procedure. What type will you have? What are the risks? You deserve to know the facts. You owe it to yourself to make an informed decision.

Some of our staff and/or volunteers have been where you are. We know exactly how you feel and you’re not alone.

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